Tuesday, September 11, 2012

half square triangle quilt progress

it's been a long hot summer of no quilting. i just tend to put sewing away in the heat, but it's starting to think about being fall outside and i recently resurrected my project!

i am doing a pattern based on quilt story's HST quilt.

previous progress (feb 2012): 184 half square triangles made. 1 block (of 16 hsts) made.

current progress: day one i put together five blocks.

 day two i churned out four more. i got to the point where i realized i was going to need more fabric. i ordered more and within the week i made 64 additional half square triangles and one more block.

8 blocks shown. i want this quilt to be 16 blocks, which i think will give me 64" x 64" for the pieced top.

i find it very therapeutic to line up my seams, to sew the edges together.

 i love the contrast of the traditional piecing pattern and the modern fabrics, and i love using a lot of white.

i am excited by my progress and hope to pick out a (brown? maybe with small blue calico pattern?) backing really soon!! i want to add a frame around the pieced top and use the same fabric for backing.


  1. Ooh that looks really nice. I have a bunch of stuff saved to one day make into a quilt. Just got to learn how to sew first! hahaha

    1. thanks betty! i think sewing quilts is pretty easy, i don't think i could sew clothes. do you knit/crochet/embroider or anything like that?