Monday, October 20, 2014

baby quilt finish for abby

i made a color-blocked scrappy trip around the world for my friend who is having a baby! i only photographed it with an iphone, sorry for quality! when i started this quilt, the gender was unknown but we found out quickly it will be a girl! i think the rainbow works great for either boy or girl. straightline quilted simply on the diagonal, and backed in "Sparrow" in leaf from Oh Deer! by momo. I used a woodbark print in light blue for the binding.

welcome to the world, abby! i hope you get lots of tummy time on this quilt made just for you by your tante mandy.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

tula pink finish

my second finish of 2014! that is good for me. this quilt was made almost entirely of tula pink prints. she is one of my favorite designers and i love love love everything she puts out. i decided to use larger piecing in this quilt for ease and quickness and also to show off these amazing prints. the backing is a juliana horner print that i picked up at joann, and i used a panel of the pieced part down the middle. finished dimensions 70" x 78". i used a simple swiss dot as a binding, and used variegated thread on my straightline quilting. there are so many wonderful surprises in the tula pink prints, this will make a lovely gift for a special friend. i hope she spends lots of time picking out her favorite details. xo

Sunday, February 16, 2014

radiating star finish

a YEAR LATER, i finally have another finish! i was inspired by this photo and wanted to make a full size version. i used bella porcelain and opal owl by tina givens charm squares for the half square triangles. the opal owl prints have a whimsical nature-y feel to them.
finished dimensions 70" x 78"
i used a flannel burlap print from joann for the backing, flannel-backed quilts are so cozy! i also used joann fabric for the sashing and binding, i tried to focus on browns to masculine-it-up some.
while i was photographing this quilt over my fence, i was enjoying the awesome scent of the jasmine that is exploding into bloom right now.
and always under the supervision of my constant companion, of course.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Summer's Down | Finish

in the fall of 2012, i became bored, listless. i was even disinterested in music, which had been a source of happiness to me always.

and then i heard this song. (go ahead, push play! it will add to the experience!)

"summer's down" by blue boats.

it changed everything for me. somehow, this one song represented freedom and joy and injected a spark back into my life. i listened to it on repeat, constantly. it truly inspired me. i sang along loudly in my car. i played it for everyone who would listen. i was so taken with it.

so of course, i had to make a quilt! and what better to represent freedom and joy than bluebirds? i modified a maple leaf block, when i left off the stems they looked like bluebirds in flight to me.


i collected many fabrics, all shades of blue and unisex patterns. i wanted there to be an abstract hint of water, as well as sky. there is a lone lavender flyer because, well, i am a bit of an odd bird. there's always one.


the back.

my signature block.


i used a 100% cotton batting, the loft is very light, it will be a nice springtime picnic quilt. finished dimensions 70" x 69"


i used mattress ticking for the binding, i love how it turned out.


thank you, olly blue boats for making your wonderful song. thanks for waking me up. and thanks for the inspiration that is now the summer's down quilt. :)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

bali pop quilt finish!

i finished this bali pop quilt last night, it will be a gift for my niece autumn, who is two years old.
i got the balipop at bolts in the bathtub in lancaster, ca, and picked up some starry night backing at joann's.
i used a pink star print for the binding and i signed and dated the quilt on the back bottom corner.
i loved working with batiks, they are the same on both sides, so i had to be extra careful when making the top! but they are so gorgeous.
finished size is 52 x 56, a child size quilt.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

jelly roll quilt FINISH

i made this jelly roll quilt for my friend sherri as a birthday gift.
i ordered a jelly roll from fat quarter shop called birds & berries by lauren and jessi jung for moda fabrics. i thought it fit sherri's personality and the prints reminded me of her. i also mixed in some solids from a bright kona solids jelly roll.
i tricked sherri into picking out the backing fabrics, she had no idea the quilt was for her. i love the florals she chose from joann's.
used straightline quilting on my singer machine and then made the binding from an orange polka dot. i like using dots for bindings. i think all the fabrics somehow work well together.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

jelly roll quilt in progress

i started a jelly roll race quilt to give to my friend sherri, her birthday is coming up. besides being my good friend and adopted family member for the last ten years, sherri is my quilting buddy. my pattern has been to order fabric online for quilt tops and then go with sherri to a brick and mortar store to pick out backing. she has an incredible eye and it really helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of during the fabric selection process. i ordered a jelly roll online, all prints, and added in about a dozen solid strips of complimentary colors to beef it up in size.
somehow the stripes run vertically? i'm not sure how this happened.
my cat natasha approves. so the funniest part of all of this to me is that after i finished the top, i dragged sherri to the store with me to pick out the backing. i stood back and let her make all the choices, she was very excited. i LOVE that she picked out the back for her own quilt and she didn't even know it! sherri also helped me smooth and pin the quilt sandwich together. this is always the most challenging part for me, i need some tips!
i did straightline quilting on my machine, and just finished the quilting a couple of days ago. i had ended up cutting the back a little short, so i had to add a couple of solid strips for coverage. not ideal but quilts are patchwork, right?
her birthday is sunday so i just have to do the binding by then! i can't wait to give it to her! i will do a finish post with better photos when it's all done!