Sunday, September 16, 2012

forward momentum

Today I made insane progress on my quilt.

When I woke up I had 13 blocks not sewn together.

I finished the last three blocks and then sewed all of them together,
completing the quilt top.

Sherri came over and we discussed the size and if i wanted to do a frame. we decided it was a good size since it fits the top of my bed pretty well.

then we went to joanns. She helped me pick out fabrics for
the backing. Unexpectedly, a green paisley was the one that spoke to both
of us. Green?? There's no green in the entire quilt but somehow it worked.
I also picked a muted orange print to pair it with. I chose a dark brown
with white polka dot for the binding, I'm going to attempt to make my own
bias tape with it. We also chose a muted blue thread to quilt with and
picked up some batting.

Once we got home I was excited to move forward. I sewed the backing fabrics
together quickly (one seam) and pressed them. Then sherri helped me put the
quilt sandwich (quilt top, batting, backing) together. This is the hardest
part and where I get the most frustrated but sherri helped a lot. We
smoothed and pinned and smoothed and pinned. And smoothed some more and
pinned some more.

Then she helped me guide the bulkiest parts of the quilt through the
machine. I did HALF of the straightline quilting tonight!!!! Half. Tomorrow
I quilt the rest and then try to bind it.

Feeling awesome about it. Yay!!

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