Tuesday, February 21, 2012

piecing my life back together

in september 2011, i was in a time of great emotional turmoil. i was inspired by quilts i had seen on the internet and was itching to distract myself with a new project. i did a lot of research and decided to try to quilt "for real": actually looking up methods and tips and tutorials instead of just barreling ahead like i had always done before.

i found this tutorial on the disappearing 9 square. i was excited because it seemed easy to do but with a complicated patchwork-look result. i thought using charm packs would help me concentrate on piecing since i wouldn't have to worry about cuts.

i chose my fabric carefully, i wanted something that would represent me. i decided to go with nautical fabrics, since i love all the imagery. i found this great "by the sea" charm pack at clotide. i also got "american banner rose" and bella snow and bella red solids charm packs from fatquartershop.

working on this quilt gave me much comfort. i found great satisfaction and emotional parallels in piecing squares together, cutting them apart, and rearranging them to suit me. i was literally piecing my life back together, rearranging my thoughts, and putting aside the ones that didn't work with my vision. everyone asked me who the quilt was for. "it's for me," i replied every time.

i found the border/backing and the binding at joann's. i quilted it by hand and finished in in november 2011.

the quilt ended up being a lot smaller than i expected, it is a lap quilt size. i was a little disappointed in the size at first, but it looks just fine laying across the back of my couch and it definitely works for cozying up while watching tv.

i am pretty proud of this quilt, even though it has a few blemishes. i consider it my first "real" quilt.  i named it "anchors aweigh".  and here is my signature block :)

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