Tuesday, February 21, 2012

my quilt history

i have long been a fan of quilts and quilting. i always loved seeing the family quilts that my aunts and other relatives made, and i had a sunbonnet sue quilt when i was a little girl. when my son was born 13 years ago, i attempted a couple of quilts:
 my first project was way too ambitious. i tried to copy a complicated family quilt. i had no idea how to cut or piece! it ended up as a small playmat for my infant boy with only 6 blocks.

when my son was a toddler, i made a childsize tshirt quilt from his daddy's tshirts. again, it did not turn out very well because i didn't know what i was doing!

in 2009 i made a dodger quilt to take to baseball games, but it was not pieced at all. it was one solid panel on the front and i handquilted over the design. here it is before it was bound.

that one turned out ok, it is very warm and cozy due being fleece with batting inside as well.

these were my meager beginnings and my humble attempts.

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