Monday, May 9, 2016

mod adrian baby quilt

this was only a baby quilt but it's one of my favorites so far!
i did a lot of "never have i ever"s for this quilt. it is my first quilt top using ALL SOLIDS! i am usually such a print girl! it is also my first IMPROV quilt top using no rulers for the piecing of the blocks.
i learned this method in a class with heather jones at quiltcon 2016 in pasadena. i was actually blown away, she is such a great teacher! (some artists are not!) and seeing her work up close was really great. it was a way way better experience than i was expecting or could even imagine.
after quiltcon, i had a lot going on (remodeled my kitchen!) and i didn't get back to this project for a month or so, but i came back and made enough blocks for a baby quilt.
my friends quincy and sara had a baby that first day of quiltcon so i knew it was for him, his name is adrian!
i used a cassette print for the back that i had been hoarding, the colors worked perfectly.

i tried to mimic heather's perfect wishbone quilting. while nowhere near her level, i liked doing it and i feel i should practice this quilting motif more! adrian lives in bed stuy, brooklyn, and will be the coolest kid on the block i think!

fancy fox for vivian

this project was a nice palette-cleanser. after the very large and involved desert night quilt, i made this fancy fox 2 (pattern from elizabeth hartman) quilt! i decided on my own layout of 3 across and 3 down, and made a quilt that's about 67" x 72". i used all tula pink for the fox faces, a swiss dot background, and move credit print backing.
she loved it and i got the sweetest thank you card! now that's a classy lady!

playing catch up

i realized i never posted about madison's quilt here! i finished it last year, in August of 2015.
i made this quilt my own sampler, just sewing blocks and putting them together using a color palette i loved. i also used large pieces of fabric for space-fillers. i embroidered madison's name pretty large on the front. i like combining embroidery with quilting. from this quilt i learned that it is a risky choice to use highly contrasting thread for quilting. i didn't particularly like the dark thread on the light background. i will be using the "face into/match" the background policy from now on.