Monday, February 4, 2013

Summer's Down | Finish

in the fall of 2012, i became bored, listless. i was even disinterested in music, which had been a source of happiness to me always.

and then i heard this song. (go ahead, push play! it will add to the experience!)

"summer's down" by blue boats.

it changed everything for me. somehow, this one song represented freedom and joy and injected a spark back into my life. i listened to it on repeat, constantly. it truly inspired me. i sang along loudly in my car. i played it for everyone who would listen. i was so taken with it.

so of course, i had to make a quilt! and what better to represent freedom and joy than bluebirds? i modified a maple leaf block, when i left off the stems they looked like bluebirds in flight to me.


i collected many fabrics, all shades of blue and unisex patterns. i wanted there to be an abstract hint of water, as well as sky. there is a lone lavender flyer because, well, i am a bit of an odd bird. there's always one.


the back.

my signature block.


i used a 100% cotton batting, the loft is very light, it will be a nice springtime picnic quilt. finished dimensions 70" x 69"


i used mattress ticking for the binding, i love how it turned out.


thank you, olly blue boats for making your wonderful song. thanks for waking me up. and thanks for the inspiration that is now the summer's down quilt. :)